Lilly Grove Special Utility District

Lilly Grove SUD
7435 FM 1638
Nacogdoches, Texas 75964
Phone: 936-569-9292

                              May 2023                              

The Lilly Grove Special Utility District Board of Directors will meet for the regular monthly meeting on May 9, 2023. This meeting will be held at the District Office at 7435 FM 1638 at 6:00 pm.

Meeting Agenda

Call to order and certify open meeting

1.  Recognize Visitor:

2.  Approve regular agenda items:
      a.  Minutes of last meeting – and approve minutes from Special Called Meeting

3.  System Operators report by Boyd Dueboay
      a.  Report leaks, breaks or other problem        
4.   Excuse visitors if any

5.    Business Manager report by Donna Harris
       a.  Financial Report   
6.  Discuss any Old business
      a.  KSA
      b.  Loan Balances      
7.  Discuss any New items/business
     Need approval to send out letter to customers about changes to the bill
     a.  Ozone charge of $5.00 will be taken off bill after May billing
     b.  Rate increase to tier pricing will go into effect after May billing
 8.  Discuss and Pay Bills

9.  Adjourn


This agenda was posted at the district office April 25, 2023, in accordance with the requirements of the Texas Open Meeting Act.

**This agenda is also posted on Lilly Grove Website –**